I feel that the project opens the door to looking into the heart of healthy connections that can ripple love throughout Idaho, the world and future generations. Also the value of being present. ~ Mario Pyle

Very valueable and time well spent.  Smooth and fun facilitation with speakers that could express their knowledge depth and authority in such a way that was accessible and easy to understand.  Great balance of speaker topics with terrific energy in the room. ~ KBH

Joe and Marie created a fun, safe, and loving environment to learn about CORE foundation techniques for strong, healthy relationships.  ~AG

The thing I love the most is that Marie and Joe and all the people they chose to present are such authentic, loving people, whose love for others and serving people is so apparent and infectious.  SO MUCH LOVE!  ~ Tana Bengoa

Everyone should take the time to go to the conference/workshop., even as a single person.  I learned important skills to improve my relationships with friends, family and myself! ~ Janah Holman

he speakers were all amazing.  I learned something positive about everyone that spoke my history, patterns, "The list" I get to create and not stray from it.  Putting it where I can read it everyday to manifest my future wonder husband into my life.  This is truly a Happily Ever After Recipe of love, not only to myself, but to my life as a well. ~ Dawna Angus

The conference has great reminders, education and a safe place to deepen a connection with the greatest husband.  This conference is playing for keeps in a long relationship. It was a safe, non-judmental way to love each other and connect.  Nothing to prove, real & honest.  It exceeds expectations. ~JM

Today was more than I thought it would be.  Of course I want more love and romance in my life.  I like the ideas of creating those moments.  But, needing to take more responsibility in self-care and loving myself is just as important if not more.  Do those things for myself, it will all come back to me abundantly. ~ AM

Marie Lukasik Wallace

Boise, ID

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