Relationship Unleashed

September 25th 2020

The Love Project Conference and Trade Show will take place September 25th and 26th, 2020.

This year the theme is LOVE UNLEASHED. Join us as we discover ways to unleash all the love we have inside and let it out onto the world, building lasting relationships.  This is for anyone looking to have a treasured soul mate or anyone looking to be the best possible partner and lover. Don't have a lover yet?  That's okay! Principles learned in our workshops can be applied to all relationships, whether they are partners, family, friends,  or co-workers.  

Let our incredible speakers guide you on a journey of improved, universal communication as we journey with an evening of "Get to know you" and play on Friday evening; then move into  Saturday, a day of guest speakers from the Northwest, an expert panel, and a love and romance trade show.  

Marie Lukasik Wallace

Meridian, Idaho, US or Contact Form

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