Marie Wallace is a love-coach and relationship expert with over 25 years of experience in teaching, coaching, and facilitating. After years of failed relationships, she set out on a journey to discover the truth about love and learned how to create fulfilling, everlasting relationships along the way. After meeting her soul mate, that journey became her mission- to help others find and build the relationships of their dreams. She has spent a lifetime creating the relationships she values, and has helped hundreds of people rediscover romance, joy, and connection in their life. 


Marie is passionate about finding the “sweet nectar of life” the gold in every day that allows us to live a life full of love. She has a unique ability to help others build quality relationships, and loves to help love grow. 


If you are looking to deepen your interpersonal connections, or feel more love in your life, take a look around this site or get in touch. There are options for everyone at every budget, from a THE ROMANCE COOKBOOK full of delicious date ideas, to THE LOVE AND ROMANCE PROJECT, an annual workshop designed to bring forth love in all its forms. 


Create Loving Relationships

Marie Lukasik Wallace

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